A flat share is where you rent a room from a landlord or agency in a house occupied by others you usually do not know beforehand.

Many young people in London consider the idea of flat sharing specially if they don’t have an exceptional salary. Flat sharing is a way of reducing monthly expenses but as everything in life it has pros and cos. Before taking your final decision, we suggest you go through them.


  1. If you decide to flat share, the rent will be divided by the number of people that live with you and of course this will decrease your living costs. You will also be paying less of bills (gas, electricity, etc) as this will also be shared with your flatmates.
  2. If you manage to save money on rent, you will be able to have a better lifestyle as you will have money to please yourself in other things like going out, the gym, shopping, etc.
  3. Household duties and responsabilities will be shared and you won’t have to to everything yourself.
  4. You become more independent and responsible.
  5. You might be able to enjoy a level of luxury and location that you may not have had access to. 
  6. If you live with other people, you won’t have time to feel sad and lonely and will always have someone by your side.
  7. You will meet new people (friends of your flatmates) and expand your circle.


  1. In important factor to mention when you are flat sharing is the lack of privacy. If you need some alone time, your room will be the only safe place.
  2. You will need to adapt to your flatmate needs as you will be sharing the living room, kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. 
  3. It can be unstable and change a lot with people moving in and out.
  4. If you want to invite people over or have a party at your place, you will need to ask your flatmate for permission. Unfortunately, this is the most common issue for having a dispute between people sharing a flat.

To decide where to live in the city is a very important decision but whether to share your home with mates is the second crucial one. In order to make the decision of renting on your own or flat sharing you need to have your priorities straight (whether you prefer saving money or freedom). With an open mind and a little bit of patience, house sharing can be an exciting, cost-effective living option. 

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