You will find a wide range of rooms at ADS in Marylebone. It is where our offices are based and
it where we started out. We know the area well and know what a great place it is the live in terms
of price, safety, luxury and convenience.
The truth is we could write a book on ‘Reasons Why You Should Live in Marylebone/ but we do
not have time for that. So here are some pointers to help you decide if it is the place for you…
Marylebone is by far one of London’s best-kept secrets. Home to the world-famous Madame
Tussauds and some of the best-victorian public houses in all of London. It’s an area that until
very recently, was all but forgotten by the masses. But things are changing. Marylebone has seen
a massive resurgence in recent years, especially with the success of the popular BBC TV series,
“Sherlock”, which has seen tens of thousands of tourists flock to Baker Street and the
surrounding area, with the hope of running into Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman,
chasing down crime on its famous side streets.

It’s an area of great character and extraordinary beauty, filled with gorgeous tea shops, cafes, and
pubs, packed full of history and charm. (To list all of the amazing pubs and cafes is impossible)
The area is attracting investors, students, and big tech to the area in spades over the last decade.
Here are our top four things to do in Marylebone, and why you should give this under-
appreciated, London gem another look, next time you’re in town.

221B Baker Street
Grab your pipe, your deerstalker and head on over to the Sherlock Holmes Museum, located at
one of the most iconic addresses in all of London – 221B Baker Street. If you’re a fan of the
books or the recent series, this is a must-see attraction. Even if you’re not, the painstakingly
recreated victorian interiors are incredible and definitely worth the price of admission (£15). Step
back in time, and browse the wonderful victorian curiosities, letters, and books, by gaslight, at
the house of Marylebone’s most famous resident. The game is afoot!

St Christopher’s Place
St Christopher’s Place is the definition of a hidden gem. A small, pedestrianised slice of
Marylebone, that has some of the most diverse culinary treats you’ll ever find, from Italian gastro
to mind-bending Sushi and Tapas, you’ll find something here for everyone. If you’re looking for
it, make sure you research the location online first, as it’s very easy to miss. Tucked in just off
Oxford Street, a stone’s throw from Selfridges, this little oasis is a foodies haven.

Madame Tussauds
Madame Tussauds is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, but over the
years it has gotten a bit of a bad rap from locals, which is a shame, as there’s an awful lot of fun
to be had under its famous domed roof. The waxworks are absolutely spectacular, and with
recent advances in technology, they are even more lifelike than ever. From historical figures to
modern-day celebrities, right through to YouTubers, you’ll find them all here, in Marylebone’s
star-studded waxwork museum.

The Mason Arms
The Mason Arms is one of those pubs that once you enter, you find it very hard to leave. That
might explain why it’s been in business for more than 300 years! Not only is it one of the best
pubs in Marylebone, but it’s easily one of the best pubs in all of London. Steeped in history, this
victorian watering hole has seen it all. A den of iniquity for the likes of Oscar Wilde, thieving
highwayman, and thirsty spies, it’s a time capsule of a simpler time. Oh, and it also has some of
the best British cuisine in all of the city.

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