At ADS we have a range of rooms available in Marylebone, Baker Street and all over the
West End. However, we have started branching out to NOTTING HILL.
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Notting Hill is as famous as London so here are some tips on Why Living in Notting Hill is
a Great Choice
for any young person moving to London.

Things to do in Notting Hill
Thanks to the success of a certain 90’s movie and its lead star, the West London district of
Notting Hill has become synonymous with charm, romance and above all else, quintessential
Englishness. Whether you’re exploring the bohemian cafe-lined streets of Portobello Road,
famous for its eclectic fashion-centric market and antiques, the high-end restaurants of
Westbourne Avenue, or putting your feet up at the Electric Cinema, you’re sure to find
something to take your mind off the rain in one of London’s most vibrant and diverse
Portobello Road Market
When most people think of Notting Hill, they think of Portobello Road Market, and for good
reason. Steeped in a history that goes back to the 18th Century, it’s one of the oldest
markets currently in operation in London. Famed for its fashion, it has been a mainstay in
pop culture for the last 50 years, serving the hippies, disco dancers, and punks of the 1980s,
all the way up until today. Aside from its eclectic fashion, it’s also one of the largest antique
markets in Europe, attracting thousands of collectors from all around the world, each year,
who come to browse through the vast array of books, vinyl, watches, art and furniture, in
search of that one-of-a-kind, priceless item. 

Graffik Gallery
Enjoy a bit of vandalism, do you? Of course, you don’t. But for those that wish to unleash
their inner Banksy on the streets of London without ending up in jail, Grafik Gallery might
just be the place for you. This renowned gallery, famed for its who’s who list of artists it
represents; Banksy, Mr Brainwash, The Dotmasters, Stik, (to name just a few), offers a
unique and let’s face it, hard to resist opportunity for any budding artists out there. Each
month they host special workshops allowing you to test your skills as a graffiti artist in their
gallery. And, although they don’t advertise this, special guest artists have been known to drop
in, so you never know who your work will be seen by.
Lutyens and Rubinstein
By far one of the most unique and interesting book shops in London, Lutyens and Rubinstein,
is an Aladdin’s cave of rare books and literature. Stocking thousands of titles; fiction, non-
fiction, poetry and children’s books, it’s easy to get lost amongst the floor to ceiling rows of
books. If you’re looking for that rare out of print book, chances are they have it here, or if you’re just looking to pass a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of London, Lutyens
and Rubinstein, is a perfect place to get away from it all. 

Rough Trade Records
If books aren’t exactly your thing and you prefer your downtime to be a little louder, you
should check out Rough Trade Records. The store opened in 1976 and presided over some of
the most important punk and post-punk releases in the history of British music. They even
had their own label at one time, releasing music from The Smiths, The Strokes and The
Libertines. Although there are other Rough Trade Record stores out there in the UK and New
York, this is the one you should visit. Stocking thousands of rare and limited-edition vinyl,
this is a perfect place for those looking to take in some of the histories of Notting Hill, or for
those just to pick up a few hard to find records.
Electric Cinema
As beautiful as Notting Hill is, we all know that the British weather isn’t always ideal for
strolling around the city. So when the gloom sets in, there’s only one place to go, Electric
Cinema. Built in 1910, Electric Cinema was one of the very first purpose-built cinemas in the
country. Before then, most were converted theatres, but this place was and is the real deal.
Originally built to screen silent movies, this quaint, picture house, screens all of the latest
releases alongside an impressive collection of art house films and documentaries. Oh, and it
also has one of the best bars in Notting Hill, so you can make a night of it, if the mood takes
If you don’t fancy living in Notting Hill but want to be close by then we have a massive
range of rooms all within walking distance. We hope to hear from you.