Notting Hill is a part of London, indelibly linked with charm, romance, and pop culture history.
From the bohemian cafe-lined streets of Portobello Road to the world-famous antique markets,
and high-end restaurants of Westbourne Avenue, it’s a part of London with an incredibly rich and
diverse daytime. Spoken about less so is its nightlife, but with hundreds of unique pubs, quirky
bars and speakeasy dens, popping up over the last few years, Notting Hill is fast becoming one
the very best places in London to pull up a pew, order your favourite tipple, relax, and unwind.
Whether you’re looking for quaint Victorian charm by a roaring fireplace, Hollywood style gin
joints, underground rum clubs, after-hour cocktails, or even an entirely alcohol-free bar, there’s
something here for everyone. Let’s take a look at the top 5 must-visit haunts in all of Notting
Hill. It’s five o’clock somewhere, right?

A stone’s throw away from where it all began, Portobello Road Gin, lives on at The Distillery,
the world-famous Gin Hotel on Portobello Road. “GinTonica”, on the first floor, is a must-visit
for any gin lovers out there. A place of mixology innovation, great vibes, and gorgeous table
platter garnishes, (specifically selected for their gin enhancing flavour profiles), it’s an
experience quite like any other in London. Pop in for their world-famous G&T’s, Latin style,
served in giant goblets, with mind-blowing garnishes – pure summer in a glass, (without the
cocktail umbrellas).

Redemption won’t be to everyone’s taste, after all, it’s a completely dry bar. That’s right, they
don’t serve any alcohol whatsoever. Pitched as “London’s healthiest restaurant & bar. “, it is,
however, (even to those of us who enjoy a couple of drinks), one of the coolest most innovative
bars in the city. Famed for its raw vegan menu, gorgeous Mocktails, and friendly atmosphere, it’s
an incredibly interesting look at the possible future of bars, as more and more of us chose to
adopt a healthier lifestyle, and ditch the pints.

Negozia Classica
This little Italian Winehouse is one of the true hidden gems of Notting Hill, especially for wine
aficionados. Featuring a carefully curated selection of fine Italian wines, (for all budgets), it’s the
perfect place to gather with friends and enemies alike, either inside its cosy bar or alfresco on the
street outside. A great spot for when you’re in need of a quieter more sophisticated night out. Oh,
and the food is incredible. Try the Chianti, with Fava beans, it’s to die for.

Trailer Happiness
A dodgy looking tiki bar time-warp, the kind of place you’d expect to find in Las Vegas circa
1992; Trailer Happiness, is most certainly an acquired taste. Some love it, some hate it, some
can’t remember being there. For us, it’s one of the most interesting spots in Notting Hill to grab a
cocktail (or two) and escape to another time. They really don’t make bars like this anymore, and
nor should they, but it lives up to his name. A great, fun, laid-back, little bar, that transports you
thousands of miles away and decades back in time, for just the price of a Margarita.

Beach Blanket Babylon
Aside from having, quite possibly, the coolest bar name in the history of bar names. Three B’s
also has the distinction of being one of the most opulent, gorgeous, bonkers, cocktail bars in all
of Europe. It feels more like a palace than a bar, but it never feels pretentious. This Rococo
madhouse serves a great mix of classic and avant-garde cocktails, spirits, and local beers, it’s a
popular first date hangout, so make sure you get there early, as it does get very busy at the

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