London is one of the most cultured, hip, diverse, tech-friendly cities in the world. For Millennials
and Gen-Z looking for a place to plant some roots, you’d be hard-pressed to find a city that ticks
so many boxes as London. Great nightlife, culture, diversity, education, and a work hard, play
harder attitude that perfectly encapsulates the go-getter, go-get me a pint, work-life balance of
these stand-out groups. In this article, we’ll look at the 5 best areas for Millennials and Gen-Z to
hang out and let their hair down in the big smoke.
At ADS many of our clients fall into the Gen Z or Millennial bracket. Therefore, we have a
pretty good idea what young professionals and students are looking for and we tailor our service
to suit them.
Here are some suggestions… always up for debate. Enjoy.

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Old Street/Shoreditch
By far one of the best (and most popular areas) of London for Millennials and Gen-Z is Old
Street and Shoreditch. Situated in the East End, it’s one of the hippest, most vibrant areas of the
city. Famous for its quirky fashion brands, pop-up stores, food trucks, eclectic dining, and killer
nightlife. This Millennial Mecca is especially popular with the tech industry, with some of the
biggest start-ups in the world, setting up shop on Old Street; coding by day, hitting up the local
bars and restaurants by night. The Vice Magazine owned “The Old Blue Last” is especially
popular with the locals, and a must-visit if you’re looking to brush shoulders with like-minded
Gen-Z and Millennials. Shoreditch is definitely one of the best places to hang out in London, but
if you’re looking for a place to rent, it can be pretty noisy and a little dirty, especially first thing
in the morning.

Islington is one of the prettiest areas in London, long gone are the days of crime-ridden streets
and chimney sweeps. With a tonne of investment ploughed into the area over the last decade, the
area has come on leaps and bounds. It has the most perfect mix of big-city-life meets suburbia in
all of London. If you’re looking for some of the best bars and nightlife in the city, be sure to head
over to Upper Street in Angel, and grab a beer at Slim Jims! For a quieter time, check out the
ultra-hip craft and boutique stores down Camden Passage.

Camden & Kentish Town
If you’re into music, Camden and Kentish Town are the places to go. Giving birth to the likes of
Amy Winehouse, Babyshambles, Madness, The Libertines and Ndubz (to name just a few).
These neighbouring areas are steeped full of hard rock history and culture. Once the stomping
ground of Russell Brand and a hit-list of hard-living rock n’ roll indie superstars, the legend of
Camden and Kentish town still live on through the thousands of Millennials and Gen-Z who line
the streets each night. For some of the best live music, you’ll ever see, be sure to visit the
“Worlds End” Bar in Camden, which plays host to both established and up and coming bands…
the craft beer menu is pretty great too.

Situated pretty close to Old Street in Hackney is the neighbourhood of Hoxton. Chock full of
independent coffee shops, barbers and galleries, it’s a perfect lazy day out. The coffee shops are
usually knee-deep with remote workers, and it’s pretty chilled in during the day. At night,
however, it can be a little sketchy in certain areas, with a relatively high crime rate, so it’s
probably not the best place in London to rent. Hoxton has great nightlife and for some reasons
seems to attract a tonne of German art-rock bands during the summer months. So if you’re
looking to brush up on your dutch, grab a skinny latte, get a haircut, and do some 5G tik-tocking,
be sure to check out Hoxton on your next day off.

Notting Hill
For Millennials and Gen-Z looking for a slightly more civilised time in London, Notting Hill,
located in Zone 1-2, offers a great alternative to the rowdier hangouts we’ve already covered in
this article. Whether you’re exploring the bohemian cafe-lined streets of Portobello Road, the
speak-easy bars, cinemas, or art galleries, this vibrant and diverse slice of London has an awful
lot to offer. With great transport links to the rest of the city, you’re never too far away from the
hustle and bustle of Old Street and central London if the wolves start howling, and you feel the
need to head into the big smoke. Rent and property prices are a lot cheaper here too, making it a
great alternative for those on a budget or just looking for a bit of peace and quiet. Oh, and it’s
quite beautiful too. Just ask the hordes of Millennials and Gen-Z kids already calling this place