The West End is one of the most diverse, cultured, hip, and tech-friendly parts of London. For those
looking for the perfect work-life balance, the West End is most definitely the place to be.
In part one we looked at some of the best reasons to move to this desirable part of the big smoke (if you
haven’t checked out part one yet, you can find it here). This time around we’re going to delve a little
deeper into this millennial metropolis and see why this ultra-hip part of London is fast becoming the most
desirable area for Millennials and Gen-Z to plant roots, work, play, and make it big.
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A Flexible Approach to Work (And Play)
Londoners on average work less per week than anywhere else in the country, (according to research
conducted by the Clarendon Group). Nowhere is this more evident than in the West End, which each year
attracts more and more forward-thinking start-ups and tech giants, looking to turn the typical 9-5 workday
on his head. This has been contagious, with many employers (established and new) putting a healthy
work-life balance at the forefront of their cultures in the hope of attracting Millennial and Gen-Z talent to
their companies. Taking a leaf out of the book of industry leaders such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and
if you can believe it, Transport for London, this trend is only set to grow. For Millennials and Gen-Z
looking for a less rigid workweek, great opportunities and higher than average salaries, the West End is
by far the best place to work (and play) in London.

Endless Opportunities
At any given time, there are over one hundred thousand job openings in London, many of these can be
found in the West End. With incredibly lucrative sectors such as tech, finance, IT, and marketing, all
moving into the area in rapid succession, there’s never been a better time to be a job-hunting young
professional. The cities tech space has more than quadrupled in the last five years, and its dominance on
the job market shows little sign of slowing down. This tech explosion has had a significant impact on the
pocket too. With average wages in this part of London being significantly higher than almost every other
borough (second only to The City of London), even though the country on a whole has seen wages dip
anywhere from 6-8 percent over the last decade.

The Millennial and Gen-Z generations are in some ways reminiscent of the yuppies that used to prowl the
same West End streets thirty years ago; switching suitcase phones for high-speed smartphones, and umbrella cocktails for organic scrumpy, they have more in common at a second glance than you might
first think. One thing they DO share is burnout. The pressure to be constantly achieving and working
towards a goal is a staple of these cultures, and as the adage goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull
boy! Thankfully, the West End has some of the best nightlife in all of the country. London, now, is truly a
24-hour city, and with numerous bars and club specifically catering to these young professionals, a work-
life balance has never been more accessible in the big smoke than now. And if you know where to go…
then it does not have to cost the earth.
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