In our guide to Why Living in London’s West End is a Perfect Place for Millennials &
Gen Z: Part 1 we explore some of the main reasons so many of our clients decide to opt for
West End living. At ADS we have a wide range of short term rental rooms available in
London’s West End and we are proud of our growing selection of quality accommodations.
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Part 1:

The West End is one of the most diverse, cultured, hip, and tech-friendly parts of London.
For those looking for the perfect work-life balance, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better
place to plant some roots than the West End. Millennials and Gen Z are most certainly the
stand-out groups of this generation, they know what they want, and they want it now.
Never has a generation so perfectly epitomised the go-getter, entrepreneurial spirit as
much as these groups do. They work hard, play hard, and if the WI-FI is down, there’ll be
hell to pay. Growing up in the age of tech, social media and the gig economy, certainly has a
large impact on the renting and buying decisions they make. Great WI-FI, travel links,
culture, nightlife, diversity, and employment options are incredibly important for
Millennial and Gen Z alumni. If you are lucky enough to fall into either of these groups, look
no further. London’s West End has them all, and a lot more too.

The West End of London is one of the most cultured parts of the city. Whether you’re
catching a play on Shaftsbury Avenue, a film at the Curzon, or enjoying the hundreds of live
music shows that take place in the West End each year, you’re sure to satisfy all of your
cultural wants and desires. Famous as much for its galleries and fashion shows as it is for
its bustling shopping district. This slice of London really is unrivalled in its diverse and rich
cultural experience.

Generally speaking, Millennials and Gen Z are incredibly forward-thinking and accepting of
people from different walks of life, especially when compared to the Boomer generation
that preceded them. For them, inclusivity and diversity and very important when deciding
on a place to live. London is one of the most diverse cities in the world and the West End is
ground zero for this progressive mentality. Holding numerous annual events that celebrate
many different cultures, races, creeds and sexualities (the West End plays host to the
largest Gay Pride event in the world). If you’re looking for a place to live where you’re judged on the strength of your character, not on your race, colour or creed, London’s West End is hard to beat.

The West End is a great place to gain employment for Millennials and Gen Z. If you’re
looking for work in one of the district’s numerous tech start-ups, fashion houses, or
production companies, there are plenty of options. Turnover is swift in the West End
though, with massive workloads, sharp deadlines, and a worldwide marketplace ready to
lap up the best that these generations have to offer, only the best will prosper. You can
make it BIG here, but competition is fierce… but if anyone can do it, it’s most certainly the
Millennial and Gen Z generations.

Still undecided on London’s West End? Tune in for Part 2, where we’ll delve even deeper
into this culturally rich, vibrant and diverse part of London.