Post lockdown London is going to be the place to be. Finally, we seem to be getting a real handle
on the challenging situation and London is now feeling safer, more optimistic and the city is
buzzing. Things are open and people are enjoying life more and more each day.
Before the pandemic London was one of the world’s most-visited cities and none of those
reasons have gone away… Whether you’re here for the culture, history, fine food, or one of the
best nights out in the world – it has something for everyone. Londoners work hard and play even
harder. Having lived in London for the past 10 years, I can say that it’s had its ups and downs,
especially recently. With the uncertainty regarding Brexit and the Governments woeful
mismanagement of the Coronavirus pandemic, London city life has had its challenges… but the
good news is that it’s bouncing back, and should definitely still be considered one of the best
cities in the world to live in 2021. If you’re still on the fence, here are our top 4 reasons to pack
your bags and give London a second look.

Incredible Career Opportunities
In recent years, London has undergone a massive transformation in terms of employment
opportunities. Even beating out New York and Paris in a recent poll, winning the coveted title of
“world’s most desirable place to work”. It’s easy to see why too, with numerous global brands
and tech startups setting up shop in the capital each year. If you’re looking to advance your career
or set up shop, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more global centric hub than London. Over the
years I’ve met people from all four corners of the world, working in a wide array of professions,
be that scientists, film producers, mixologists, or the famous mimes of Covent Garden – they’re
all here, and they’re doing great. The opportunities really are endless. The UK is also very
business friendly so if you are an entrepreneur with an exciting big idea or a small vendor then
the lack of red tape and low business tax makes it simple and easy to start trading.

A Multicultural Hub
“Multicultural” is a word that is thrown around a lot, especially by tourist boards around the
world, regardless of whether or not it’s true, but in London, it’s the real deal. With over 300
different languages spoken in the city, it’s one of the most culturally rich and diverse places in
the world. Whether you’re looking to experience the best Indian food in the world outside of

Mumbai on Brick Lane, bring in the Year of the Ox in Chinatown, or take in the laid-back
Jamaican vibes of Brixton, London represents an enormous mix of cultures, creeds and races. It’s
a great place to learn a language too, with language schools popping up all over the place, giving
you a great opportunity to ditch that useless language app and practice with real native speakers.

Having lived all over the world, I have to say that London truly is one of the best nightlife
experiences I’ve had. Whether it’s propping up the bar in one of the cities thousands of pubs or
bars, dancing the night away in a “super-club”, or taking in a show in the West End, you’re sure
to find something to wet your whistle. In recent years, London has really taken off as one of the
premiere comedy destinations in the world too, I highly recommend visiting “The Top Secret
Comedy Club” on Drury Lane, for a no-frills night of some of the most exciting stand-up
comedians in the country – you won’t regret it! Or you can head to Shoreditch for some edgy
pop-up bars or just walk around Soho for some of the city’s most iconic bars and restaurants.
London is the place to be if you want a fancy cocktail looking over the city or a simple pint in
some of our 400-year-old pubs.
If you are looking for something higher end, exclusive and luxurious experience then check out
Lux Guestlist for access to London’s top clubs and bars.

Great Transport Links
With two international airports (Gatwick and Heathrow), 24/7 bus services connecting the city,
and “The Tube”, the worlds first underground railroad system, you can get anywhere in the city
(or indeed the country) in a flash. The transport system has undergone a lot of changes in the last
decade, abolishing the use of cash almost entirely, opting for a contactless card payment system
instead. It’s convenient, for the most part, runs on time, and is inexpensive. It really is one of the
great selling points of the city and transports millions of passengers each day. Going green? No
problem, London has hundreds of miles of cycle lanes, zig-zagging across the city. Ensuring
cyclists get from A-B safely, while doing their bit for the environment. You don’t even need your
own bike, with thousands of Santander Cycles (Or Boris Bikes, as the locals call them) dotted
around the city, available to rent with your credit/debit card, or from an app.
These are just a few of the reasons why London is the best city to live in 2021…

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